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Large ships

A major factor in large ship production is the production output accuracy. The plate development methods in Maxsurf support a range of double curved plate fabrication techniques such as pin-jigs and plate templates. Plate geometry can be exported seamlessly into ShipConstructor or other CAD programs for further detailing.

IHI Japan containership plate development (Enlarge)

Large Ship Design & Production software

The following make Maxsurf very suitable for large ship design:

1. Parametric Transformation

Maxsurf's parametric transformation capability allows you to quickly modify an existing hullshape to required design parameters whilst maintaining fairness. Besides linear variations for length, breadth and depth or a linear search for a greater displacement, you can also carry out searches for design coefficients (including prismatic, block and midship). You can constrain the parametric transformation to the ship's ends so that changes to the parallel midship length is maintained.


2. Hull fairing

The competition amongst operators drives the demand for ships with lower operational cost. With ever increasing fuel prices, the need for hull shape optimisation and in particular resistance minimisation is becoming more and more important. Therefore, there can not be any unfairness in the design. The design philosophy in Maxsurf is all about surface fairing: 

3. Hydromax Modelling & Anlaysis Capability

By giving the user the option to use surfaces for tank geometry definition, there is no shape of tank that Hydromax can not handle.


4. Workshop Structural Definition

A lot of workshop's functionality originates from custom development for large shipyards that required:

Note: It is a common misconception that Maxsurf is only suitable for small to medium sized vessels. There is nothing in the Maxsurf Suite (Hydromax, Workshop, Hullspeed, Seakeeper) that limits the size of the vessel that can be modelled or analysed.


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